Neil Tobin, Necromancer: Near Death Experience

Interactive. Site-specific. Dead-serious fun.

Have an experience you won't forget.

Mortality and mystery—imagine them fused together into an intimate, interactive theatre experience that will make you laugh, ponder and wonder. But don't bring the kids. This is grown-up, dead-serious fun.

• Is it scary? No.

• Morbid? Hardly.

• Instead, it makes a typically heavy subject surprisingly approachable—and might even inspire you to live life more fully. Not a bad return on your time at the theatre.

Did we mention the show is interactive? Make that immersive: specific performances of Near Death Experience invite theatergoers for the first time to be part of this life-and-death conversation in environments expressly dedicated to the subject: actual funeral homes and cemetery chapels throughout the US!

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Winner: Audience Choice Award

Watch the video below to see what audiences have been saying about our award-winning preview run at the Indianapolis Fringe Theatre Festival AKA IndyFringe!

"Tobin doesn't give us The Answers, but perhaps better questions ... meanwhile, we get to marvel at sleight of hand and sleight of mind, delivered with appropriately dark humor. Recommended ... your bravery will be rewarded." — Plays With John And Wendy

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